Feel-good Floozie Friday

My weekend this Friday started off as more of a Fri-no-way as opposed to the usual Fri-yay. My Halloween weekend was not going to plan. My foolish “more than a friend” had stood me up, over whatsapp….

Witch, please? 
Did you all see my Victoria’s Secret fairy fugitive outfit? One had gone through a tremendous amount of effort to look scary sexy, it is not a look that comes easy – pick your self up and dust yourself off as father would say. I still can not comprehend why the silly little weasel would treat me this way? I thought it was a “trick”…embarrassingly it wasn’t. Maybe it was the photograph of me with fishnets over my head that freaked him? Soft so-and-so!

Feeling all glum, I grabbed my Louie V, jumped into my Louboutins and headed into town (with Daddy’s Amex). The weather was dull, I was feeling glum, I needed a pick-me-up. Lingerie shopping of course. Shopping with the primary purpose of improving my mood and disposition; lingerie therapy, cheaper than real therapy too. I truly believe women’s confidence comes from within, not from an external influence. I also truly believe females are complicated species and confidence comes as a response from feeling fabulous…matching lingerie makes one feel phenomenal. 

I headed to Debenhams…easy, convenient and endless collections. 

I knew exactly what I was looking for – pink, pretty, feel good and comfort. It’s always tricky to find the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics when it comes to the lingerie drawer, this gorgeous bralet from Floozie by Frost French was just that. The girly pink colour made me know I’m irresistible,  the bow print maked me feel like a stunning gift and the lace trims ignited my inner sass. In a heartbeat I had forgot about that deadbeat. 

The absence of  wire and padding in any bralet adds comfort, I love myself, I am happy with who I am and how my teeny-weeny bumps look. Wire has a very practical use for women with larger breasts but it is unnecessary for Chelfie’s Bs. Padding feels snug but so does a hot chocolate….unnessecary. The feeling of this chiffon beauty against my body me feel irresistible.

This one is for you my darling sugar plum…kiss it.