Football underwear problems & solutions 

If you’re a football fanatic like myself or a keen gym goer you must know the absolute struggles of choosing the correct lingerie to train comfortably in! There is so much more thought that needs to go into selecting the correct items. When I buy sports lingerie I measure overall comfort, wedgie factor, visible panty lines , moisture wicking and jump around a little in the changing rooms to try and grade the chafing factor…although the latter is something that you have to grade whilst pumping a sweat. 

One has a football match against the big rivals in the morning and my five lingerie options include a sports bra plus 


1.Commando – very freeing and badass, like a modern-day Xena: Warrior Princess but too risky

2.Thong – a nice middle ground yet none absorbent

3.Boyshorts – maximum coverage but too suffocating. Hot bot bot

4.Bikini – V to the P to the L 

5.Cheeky bikini. *personal favourite A “cheeky” is variant of the bikini. The coverage in the front is the same as a classic bikini, but a cheeky shows a little more cheek in the back… Cheeky, cheeky Chelfie. It’s not as revealing as a thong or a tanga, it is however more bare than a regular bikini…. Oh here let me show you… 
I tried and tested everyone of the style options at matches to see how it would affect my football technique…it was a fun sport experiment. Many styles of sports lingerie are prone to causing wedgies, friction, or suffocation – when I’m playing football I can look at another player and know she is wearing the incorrect underwear….Darling if you want to know the best way to find out what works for you then be an experimenter. With a little trial and error, we can all get to a wedgie-free place!


 So I have a big match on tomorrow and I needed new lucky lingerie. Starting with THE absolute essential to training, even more essential than trainers and on the same essential ranking as staying hydrated… The sports bra. One is sick and tired of going to the gym and seeing ladies breasts flying around, I feel sorry for the love lumps, keep them secure and supported. A sports bra really is an essential training companion. The great thing about sports bras is that they are very easy to access and there really is an extensive range out there!


The sports bra supports us which is great but honey let me tell you this, do you know what I really love and admire most about sports bras? They have only helped strengthen bras as outerwear…intimates are no longer intimate. In JD sports I found this absolute frisky fuchsia beaut from Nike. The vibrant colour caught my beady eye and I had to have it. The lightweight bra offers compressive cups with removable pads that provide support and a little definition. I was pleasantly surprised…thank you Nike. 
I was all fixed up top and for down below…
You would not believe the appalling reaction I got when I asked the lady in JD did they sell sports knickers. Almost like I had asked a perverse question. The answer was no and that is ok but the facial expression was not ok. The ladies reaction, paired with how cute the sports bra paired with my Victoria Secrets ‘cheeky’ bottoms did spark fury in my belly and questions in my mind

Why is it socially acceptable to wear sports bras to train in, as many of my fellow football ladies do, but not sports underwear? 

Where has this social stigma come from? 

Can you imagine playing football in lingerie?

Given the correct material we would never have to worry about visible panty lines, suffocating or wedgies…just a thought.