Lady Mone 

Last night I had the absolute privilege of meeting Michelle Mone – The First Lady of Lingerie!

Like you haven’t already guessed… one was extremely excited and anticipating the evening, Baroness Mone’s presentation to her “Her Fight To The Top”. A packed audience of entrepreneurs attended the Evening Standard Business Connections event at Freemasons’ Hall and Lady Mone absolutely bossed it…bravo Baroness Mone I salute you!
Michelle’s story is extremely compelling – I grasped my chair at moments, Michelle has achieved huge success despite real adversity. One believes true & gritty storytelling is the only true way to engage and attract a huge following. Nobody likes a miss perfect preacher and the truth of it is nobody is one – such is life. 

Listening to the UK’s leading entrepreneur, and one of my heroines true and emotional story helps break down my own superficial wall. It can be a great motivator – a moment of realisation occurred, everyone has a story and its ok to accept who you are and who you are not….lets talk about it.

In the words of my ultimate hero, Maya Angelou ““There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” 

Lady Mone gave such sound advice on expanding her business and the essential knowledge and passion needed to do so. Michelle had seventeen teenagers working for her at the age of ten #bornentrepreneurdarling
What I loved most about Michelle was her genuine humility throughout her story telling despite her now massive success. Openly admitting she was no public speaker like the large majority of us. Michelle shown incredible integrity. At the end of the event her beautiful and genuine interpersonal skills were very apparent as she spoke with each and everyone one of her people…of course me being one of those!

Mone’s business background and her “fight to the top” has been absolutely incredible! Michelle came from a real poverty stricken start in life in the East End of Glasgow and left school with no qualifications at 15 years old – except an A* in sassiness. Lady M started her career modelling, which I’m sure you’ll agree is no surprise, and that’s where she met her now (cheating) ex husband. Some fool made Lady Mone redundant at the age of 27 and this is when her deep rooted entrepreneur nature ignited. Michelle single handily, in her bedroom with a cot and desk founded Ultimo – the bra company!
Now Michelle is the Baroness of Mayfair – what a status! Michelle is also delivering a report that will actually make a difference for start-ups in the UK…this along with Michelles “anyone who works hard and with enthusiasm can be successful” has inspired me to found my own business and FIGHT TO THE TOP!



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