Go with a bang…


It’s Chelfie Mackintosh’s annual bonfire jamboree tonight, 8 till late – Bing BANG bosh! Everyone is welcome but if your name is not down you are not coming in…no paps.

As always I have 3 simple rules

1.One must look fabulous
2.One must remember that safety is paramount – Think what would Welephant do?
3.When asked what rhymes with fireworks? One must answer… Champagne!

I’m not afraid to say that I’m nervous. I’m always slightly nervous before as Chelfie’s parties are the talk of town and quite frankly one has a banging reputation to live up to…

Bonfire night (or bonfire weekend) is by far and away the best night to celebrate and throw a relatively stress free get-together. We always get heaps of people turning up because our multimillion pound firework displays and I are exceptionally popular. It’s a real feel good -love thy neighbour- social event. The guest actually communicate without poor Agatha (house keeper) having to shoot round introducing everyone (“This is Bernard, he’s aircraft pilot ; this is Howard, he’s CEO of Starbucks. You’ll love each other!”) There is just something about fireworks and bonfires that makes people drop their inhibitions, maybe it’s the vulnerable environment that we collectively immerse ourselves in? Maybe it’s the champagne, by the bottle?
At 8.45pm I will will rocket into Daddy’s yard, the music will pause, the crowd will stand still, the spot light will shine so very bright, all for my grande entrance…this year with an almighty bang *spoiler alert*. For my entrance to be super successful and memorable I need to feel and look like the ultimate November firecracker.

There is something about asset hugging, beautifully coordinated lingerie that makes me feel erect and invincible….with that in the forefront of my mind I was on the prowl. Everyone who is anyone will be a there tonight and I need that extra little lift to reassure myself that tonight will be groundbreaking.


Tonight I am wearing a beautiful grey three piece. I needed a new underwear set in grey. Grey underwear has a terrible reputation; it instantly makes you think of those horrendous multipack knickers that should be illegal or of a mucky bra, originally white, that has been washed with the darks and the only that it belongs is in the trash. Just to clarify neither of those descriptions match the set I was prowling for and stereotyping is very bad.

I found it, I’m quite reluctant to share it with you as I don’t think you’re ready for this shiny, sassy, satin set.

Let me start up top, the grey plunge bra from Ted Baker is crafted from soft stretch crepe fabric with a beautiful pleated satin cup edge and mesh wings (for practical reasons with my entrance tonight this bra was actually a bare necessity). The cup has wire casing for support (this design seems to be signature for Ted Baker bras) and has adjustable straps with rose gold rings and sliders.
And down below, I opted for the matching grey thong. The Ted Baker grey pleated satin panel collection also includes hipster briefs for the same price as the thong…I was feeling cheeky though. Like the bra the thong in also made from stretch crepe fabric with an elegant pleated satin front panel and pink bow and signature ‘B’ charm to the waist.

£35.50  for the set – the 50 pence is just so annoying

Must dash, I have a party to attend…Ill keep you updated on Twitter @chelfiem


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