Wonderful Wonderbra – Cleverage central 


It will come as no shock to you that I am a member of the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee – for one to look slightly voluptuous  a thick, boost your assets plunge is my only saviour (with a little help from a cleverage contouring palette). 

For all you ladies (or men) that want to boost your assets you must give this a go – it’s a pain free breast augmentation


and there you have it – watch you don’t smudge my cleverage

So for many years now I have been faking it through this sneaky little technique (hey what’s good for the Kardashians is certainly good for the Mackintosh)

I’m off to hit the town tonight with my lovely girlfriend and I have purchased the most amazing white dress which has a cheeky lace dip in the middle. White lace and makeup was never going to work and baby it’s cold outside so I could not brave going braless (daddy would not be happy). Every single bra I tried on with my beautiful dressed looked frumpy and I – with the advances in lingerie technology -refused to be a victim.

I was absolutely over the moon to find a bra that managed to give me some kind of cleavage – without bronzer, without gaining weight, without silicone & with a deep plunge (I only wish I would have found this essential undergarment worn by women to support the breast (or lack of) item earlier, it would have been an absolute summer saviour).

Wonder-what-it-looks-like-to-have-boobies-bra… I’ll show you 

nude duo

This revolutionary bra includes the famous Wonderbra hand technology support (the pleasurable feeling of someone gently holding-up your breasts). It is perfect for that sassy, sexy, strapless, outfit too as it is well…strapless (the foremost bra). The cups are microfibre and I did the wiggle test…darling it is dance proof. At £32 it’s an absolute bargain – I’ll have one in every colour daddy. 

silky smooth finish


As you all know it is an absolute crime to wear uncoordinated lingerie, so I bought the lovely nude control panties to match. From Debenhams Perfect Shaping range, the panties claim to be  “age defying” (I’m not entirely sure how, maybe the correlation between age and weight ?). The panties are super tight and offer control and shaping from under the bust right down to your thighs, I could only imagine how tricky these would be to remove after champers. I needed control and shapewear with no VPL and a smooth appearance, unfortunately the lace finish was visible under my beautiful white dress. 

One out of two is not bad… 

I’m feeling silky, smooth, voluptuous and ready for my big Saturday night out.

Have a fabulous weekend!

C x


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