Mean Girls – Halloween Special – Fairy Fugitive


Halloween is approaching…

All my blessed life one thought that Halloween was about dressing spooky, fake blood, toffee apples, trick or treat, flour and eggs.

Regina George – your best girlfriend who eventually becomes your best enemy because she may have seemed like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, she was so much more than that…taught us that


This year I am wholeheartedly adopting Regina (who we all love to hate but yet deep down admire) George’s advice. All hail the Fairy Fugitive (Victoria refers this piece as her bow baby doll, let’s keep it our secret, don’t tell Vicky)

Watch me work it...roar

Watch me work it…roar


I absolutely love the caged torso


Honey forgot her fishnets


Excuse me, is my wand down there ?


Flaunt it – cut out sides and a cheeky little lift!

This Haloween I was tossing up between dead school girl, devil or black cat (where on earth would I get a three sided coin from to make this decision for me?)

I am totally joking, I am having a very private Haloween party this year with my boo and less is more (don’t tell Daddy). The oh-so enchanting bow baby doll with a sheer mesh hoop skirt, embroidered bows and lace-trimmed straps caught my beady eye. Sexy, scary (once you apply fishnets over your head) & sassy.

I know that with the push-up padding, underwire cups, adjustable straps and garters, back hook-and-eye closures it’s as practical as it is pretty. Take me to a seductive place!

What will you be this Halloween dear?


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