Agent Provocauteur – the essential navy


Is £365 slightly extortionate for underwear?

Before we answer that please take a moment to apperciate this frothy-but-oh-so-feisty lingerie & nightwear & evening wear set 


I have been on the hunt for a new navy number and I am absolutely over the moon with my purchase … Thank you Miss A P!

I absolutely adore the colour navy. It is such an essential colour. It semaphores a sense of underwear calm. Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles reflects my views on the colour impeccably

“When I see someone in navy, I think they are sophisticated, effortless, not trying too hard but with an innate sense of style”

Show me a women who has no navy blue in her intimate apparel collection and I’ll show you a woman who seriously lacks style. Seriously. The absence of black in your underwear collection is understandable – after all it can be draining and downbeat as much as it can be slimming and fierce… Women who wear too much black do not live colourful lives. But a lack of navy blue in all its inky, classic, sharp & expensive-looking glory? Quite frankly, that is intimate apparel nonsense… My collection was lacking navy, lacking sophistication. Teddy my dear you are worth every 36500 pence.

I approached the assistant in Agent Provocauter with my navy nightmare and boy did she hook me up with the ‘Willa Teddy Navy’.

The Willa body is a loose & relaxed fit, the perfect comfortable design allows you to sophisticatedly lounge & sleep in this suit. Crafted in midnight blue silk chiffon, it is decorated along the legline, open sides and shoulders with sheer midnight blue French Leavers lace from the House of Sophie Hallette. For me personally, I believe the decorative lace would add itchy discomfort to my beauty sleep, I simply won’t chance any potential disruption… we all know the perfect solution for that 

Chelfie’s Willa top tips:

  1. Play around with it! The deep plunge v-neckline of the gown meets a bagged-out chiffon belt at the waist, which ties at each side, and poppers at the gusset allow for the body to be adjusted accordingly to your desire. I go super tight & fitted everytime!
  2. For ladies with larger assets you could wear with a bra for added support (The Willa bra navy would look superb however any half cup lace bra would work)
  3. Intimate apparel is no longer intimate – wear this beaut tucked into jeans for a sensuous evening look.
  4. Buy Willa guilt free 
  5. Thank me later 

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