Monday Funday…that’s the spirit dear. Debenhams.

Monday afternoon…what is a lady of leisure like Chelfie Mackintosh to do…I’ll help you answer that shall I?

Recently my intimate apparel purchases have been bodysuits, teddies & jumpsuits. Perhaps it is due to the change in season ? Perhaps it is a conincidence? Perhaps the brands have all up their game in the sector and are heavily competing? 

It was a fresh Monday afternoon – I don’t understand why people have the hump grump on a Monday afternoon, so many resting bitch faces-  this Monday afternoon I paraded down King Street in Manchester city centre, as happy as one could be. I was ready to explore the beautifully exquisite world of lingerie. 

I passed a homeless lady -I always give to the homeless- and I did not have any cash (only Daddy’s AMEX) so  I offered my posh nosh Goats Cheese, Pepper & Onion Chutney Focaccia sandwich. I get the upmost pleasure through helping others – simple good deeds and random acts of kindness – the pleasure comes deep from my heart and soul, it is a trait permeated from my amazing Mother.

I knew I wanted  needed a body suit – that I was certain of. 

I wanted to explore as I had not preselected the chosen one. Debenhams is the perfect store for this as the store retails 71 intimate apparel brands under one roof – panties paradice. Every woman understands the importance of good underwear and at Debenhams, you can explore a fantastic range of lingerie to support and flatter every body shape. Whether you’re in search of great everyday bras, perfect fitting plus size bras, matching knickers, luxurious bridal lingerie or sculpting shapewear, you will get fixed up darling! Brands include Freya, Ultimo, and Wonderbra, as well as the Designers at Debenhams range – the only issue here is too much choice…


Debenhams own range “Spirit” had jus the gorgeous bodysuit I was looking for – in plum with a stunning purple petal lace design on the bust and trims. 


cheeky Chelfie

The bust is sheer with supportive elastic trims, and the body is made from a supportive & soft  fabric which is oh so flattering for any body shape – it is also remarkably comfortable and reasonably priced at £30

P.S Must style with mask for the ultimate sassy finish. 


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